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Welander Auctions was established in 1986 in Pomeroy, Iowa. Throughout RK's auction history it has been his desire to provide the most up to date auction services, professionalism and auction information to all his clients and auction attendees. RK has been affiliated with several auction businesses and organizations throughout the years, in 1986 he joined the NAA , the IAR in 1987 and BACI in 1987 as well. All of these associations has improved his auction skills through the years and increased his network of knowledgeable and professional contacts that have continued to raise the bar when it comes to handling your auction. 

RK has also served as a board member, president and is a Hall of Fame inductee in the IAA. RK gained his real estate license in 1987 and in 1995 Joined the Hudson Realty offices in Pocahontas.

To continue honing his auction skills he works 3 auto auctions weekly in addition to being involved in local activities and programs.

He is experienced in farm land auctions, personal property and antique auctions, farm equipment and private treaty listings. As time progresses RK will continue to be on the cutting edge of services and ideas to provide his clients with the latest auction marketing tools available.

Make sure to attend one of our auctions and see our computer clerking services, our auction method of selling and marketing, our personal staff, our full line of auction support equipment and our family of attendees. You'll be glad you did. To view all of RK's listings, upcoming auction dates, sale results and items for sale just click on any heading up by the icon on each web page and scroll down the side of the page and view all of the auction information.

To view other related auction sites that Welander Auctions are affiliated with go back to the main page and just click on an icon. SEE YOU AT OUR NEXT AUCTION. RK


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Welander Auctions can handle all types of auctions from start to finish.